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CSN Telecommunications, Inc. is proud to offer NBS' Voice over Internet Communications Exchange (V.o.I.C.E.).  This breakthrough technology comprises VoIP solutions designed to address the needs of both corporate and residential customers. Economical and easy to use, NBS V.o.I.C.E. solutions reduce total telecom costs and increase employee productivity, both in and out of the office. With unmatched flexibility and highly adaptive features, it is the most powerful and most customizable VoIP platform available. Experience all that VoIP has to offer with NBS V.o.I.C.E., from CSN.

Replacing traditional desktop phone systems, V.o.I.C.E. solutions provide an entire range of VoIP benefits. It is offered as an off-site, hosted service, or an in-house IP/PBX solution. Converge the efficiencies of data networks with the economics of IP voice, and eliminate aging or obsolete telephony equipment.

Get the most from your existing telephone system. You've invested heavily in your company’s PBX, and now, with the V.o.I.C.E. Direct Trunk Replacement solution, you can get amazing VoIP functionality and lowered costs, while continuing to utilize your own hardware.

VoIP that's affordable, easy to use and set up, and packed with more features than the competition. Call anyone, anywhere in the US or Canada at the same low price. With unlimited or metered usage plans, plus useful voice and web portals, you'll never go back to your old

phone company again.

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